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Interview From DIzzy Pig

1. How long have you had the YouTube Channel & been creating videos? I’ve had my YouTube Channel up and going now for about 6 years — that’s when I created my first cooking-related video. I got the idea from JB @ Louisiana Cajun Recipes after spending time watching his videos, and of course with a little coaching from JB himself I created my own channel.

 2. What got you into cooking & what keeps you so passionate about it? I first got into cooking as a small child. I loved to watch both my grandmothers in the kitchen as they prepared our family meals. Both of my grandmothers were excellent cooks! My dad’s mom was Italian & grew up in southern Louisiana, and my mom’s mom grew up in southern Mississippi. Having both these women in my life was truly a blessing.

3. What’s your style of cooking? Where do you get your inspiration? As for my style of cooking, I like to call it a fusion between southern & Cajun style … with an Italian twist every now and again. Like I’ve mentioned before, I been mostly inspired from my grandmothers, but I also worked in the restaurant industry in my early twenties. I like to draw from my dining experiences and love for food when I’m creating my recipes.

 4. Tell us a little about your videos, editing, recording, etc. The way I go about creating one of my videos is very casual. I use an inexpensive video camera and sometimes my Smartphone. Now when it come to editing I don’t use any fancy software. I like to keep my videos as “real” as possible with minimal editing. You can see my wife causally walking around or hear our daughter in the background, but that is “real” for us.

5. What are some of your favorite things to cook? I really enjoy cooking with locally caught or grown ingredients when I can … fresh is always best. I am a huge lover of seafood and always enjoy a good seafood boil or gumbo when I can afford it, or the ingredients are in season. I love rich Cajun and Creole style dishes: packed with flavor, fresh seafood, or wild game. I have also been known to cook a lot of Italian/American style dishes pretty well with plenty of pastas and sauces. My latest endeavor in cooking, however, has been BBQ/smoking. I have enjoyed good BBQ growing up in the south my entire life and lately I have developed my own passion for creating these divine smoke-laden dishes myself.

6. When you are not cooking what are you doing? When I’m not in the kitchen or outside on the grill I enjoy spending time with my wife, Elizabeth and our 3yr old daughter Catherine Faye (who has happened to make a few debuts in my videos). It is kind of hard to keep a baby quiet! I also enjoy fishing, hunting, and gardening. I have made a few videos on those subjects as well. I work in sales, and for years have sold high-end appliances, but just recently made a switch to selling manufactured homes. 8. Why do you do the videos? The main reason I started doing videos in the first place was really a way to keep up with my recipes like of like a virtual cookbook. I wanted to not have to write down each step and I wanted to share recipes with others. After a while my channel seemed to catch on and I really enjoyed getting questions from viewers from all over the world. As time passed on and the number of videos on my channel grew, I kind of started thinking about my channel as a way I will be remembered by for generations. It is strange to think that the internet will be around forever! I would like to send a message to my viewers: Anyone can cook! You don’t have to be a chef or have attended some fancy culinary institute to be able to create fantastic meals for your family and friend