SteakChamp Reverse Seared NY Strip

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  • Sunday, 27 September 2015 00:00
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Ingredients: Prime NY Strip Steak (1.5 lbs)
Butcher's BBQ Grilling Oil (Steakhouse Blend)
Butcher's BBQ Grilling Oil (Butter Flavor)
Mis Rubin's Black Magic Charcoal Seasoning
Mis Rubin's White Magic All Purpose Seasoning
Asparagus (about 10-15 pieces)
Ear of corn (1, still in husk)
Baking Potato (1, medium size)
Shredded Cheese ( enough to garnish potato)

Recipe: Begin to prep the steak by generously applying Butcher's BBQ Grilling Oil (Steakhouse Blend) to both sides using basting brush.
Next, liberally cover each side of the steak using Mis Rubin's Black Magic Charcoal Seasoning.
Push in baffle on Yoder YS640 smoker,remove deflector plate, and leave 2 grill grates (upper and lower) in.
Spray Grill N Pal with non-stick cooking spray and place on left bottom side of Yoder under the flame.
Pre-heat Yoder to 260F using Lumberjack BBQ pellets (Beech).
Once pre-heated, place asparagus and ear of corn on Grill N Pal.
Then place steak on top rack of Yoder (directly above vegetables) after cooking vegetables for about 5 minutes.
Put thermometer into thickest part of steak and begin cooking.
Flip asparagus, baste liberally with Butcher's BBQ Grilling Oil (Butter Flavor), and sprinkle Mis Rubin's White Magic Seasoning over asparagus.
Continue cooking for 10 minutes or until steak reaches 115F internal temperature, then flip asparagus and steak.
Cook 10-15 more minutes.
Remove asparagus from heat and set aside. Move corn to top rack of grill.
Once steak has reached 115F, remove from grill temporarily.
Increase heat on Yoder to 450F and continue cooking corn on high heat for 10 minutes while Grill N Pal heats up.
Remove corn and set aside.
Remove top rack of grill.
Once Grill N Pal is up to temperature, place on left side of grill under direct heat and place steak on Grill N Pal.
Increase heat on Yoder to 500F.
Sear steak 4 minutes on each side, leaving grill lid open.
Remove steak from heat and let rest 5 minutes.
Prepare a baked potato and add shredded cheese overtop as desired.
Plate steak, potato, asparagus, and corn.
Season as desired and enjoy!!